"Barb, honey… we’re dead. I don’t think we have very much to worry about anymore."

Beetlejuice (1988) (X)

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yeah sure wish we had a key


yeah sure wish we had a key

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gerard way + the hesitant alien booklet

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This is me sneezing and it’s one of the most adorable things you’ll watch all day.

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ten years of american idiot

I  bought it in spring 2005 and for me, that’s the album everything began with. not only green day wise but music-wise. of course, there were other CDs before but AI felt special, bigger. at the beginnig, I couldn’t really understand it even though I liked the singles. after some time I liked it more and more until it became my favorite album. also my interest in punk rock grew and everything I listened to in the last 9 years had something in common with this album. angry stuff, funny stuff, slower stuff, pop and some big ass rock n roll.

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the (after) life of the party

salutations! (。・ε ・。)

hi i'm angela and i like warm hugs

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